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2-2-2020 - From the Valley

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

In Luke 15, Jesus speaks of four lost things. There is an important lesson in this for us.

First, a sheep is usually lost because it wanders off, not because it wanted to be, but winds up lost anyway. People may wander away from God.

Second, a coin is lost due to carelessness. In the case of a person, it may be personal carelessness or the carelessness of another.

Third, the first son chose to go off into sin. Many people choose sin over God and the consequences are always bad. Sin promises much, and delivers little.

Fourth, the second son was lost because he was self-righteous. This is a most dangerous form of sin because a person in the sin hardens their heart.

From Jesus we learn that three of the four came back, and there was joy. There is always joy when a sinner repents!

Billy Watkins, Minister/Elder

2-2-20 - Bible Study

2-2-20 - Sunday Morning Worship

1-29-20 Wednesday Evening Bible Study

4. Bible Lands Museum - Greeks and Persians - World Video Bible School

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