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2-16-2020 - From the Valley

Have you ever really considered the importance of the Elders? Let us see just how important their work was.

As we read Acts, the first part of the books speaks about the Apostles. In chapter 12, Judas is replaced. In chapter 2, it is the Apostles who first share the good news. In chapter 6, the Apostles appoint special servants in the Jerusalem church. In chapter 8, the Apostles pass on the Holy Spirit. The final Apostle is called in chapter 9. But, the Apostles were never intended to be permanent.

However, God had a plan. In Acts 14:23, "So when they had appointed Elders in every church..." So, after the Gentiles began coming to Christ, a group of men (Elders) were appointed in every church. At first they worked with the Apostles as in Acts 15. But by the time Paul went to Jerusalem for the last time in Acts 21, he only met with the Elders.

As we can see, it was God's plan that Elders guide the various churches through the ages. The Apostles were not replaced, but Elders are. The Apostles' activity declined as the Elders' activities increased.

Billy Watkins, Minister/Elder

2-16-20 - Bible Study

2-16-20 - Sunday Morning Worship

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