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1-26-2020 - From the Valley

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The last prophets to the northern tribes of Israel are an interesting group. Of the three, only Jonah is mentioned in the book of Kings (1 Kings 14:25). From the text, Jonah was a prophet there a good while before his trip to Assyria. However, we have no record of any of his messages to Israel.

Next we have Amos, who was from Judah, not Israel. Amos was not a career prophet but a herdsman and fruit grower (Amos 7:14). He was brave to go into an enemy nation to share God's word with them.

Finally, we have Hosea, whose marriage symbolized the relationship of God and Israel. Hosea was called upon to do some very difficult things during the time of his ministry.

Amos and Hosea's message was the same-the time for the destruction of Israel was near. Even to a rebellious people, God sent His prophets to urge repentance.

Billy Watkins, Minister/Elder

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