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5-26-2019 - From the Valley

Last week we discussed the high and low views of Scripture. Let us continue that though today.

Low viewests attack the Scriptures in many ways. First, they deny inspiration. To them, they Bible is only a human creation. For example, they claim groups composed the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Second, lowests deny prophecy. Therefore they late date the books of the Bible and claim they were composed after the events.

Third, lowests claim the Bible is historically wrong. They go so far as to deny many events actually happened, and that they are only myths.

You can see how such a view of Scripture would destroy the authority of the Bible. By the way, that is actually their unstated goal. This explains why many liberal protestant churches have lost their way.

Billy Watkins, Minister/Elder

5-26-19 - Bible Study

5-26-19 - Sunday Morning Worship

5-22-19 Wednesday Evening Bible Study

4. Is the Bible Reliable? The Reliability of God - World Video Bible School

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