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4-28-2019 - From the Valley

Updated: May 5, 2019


Pay Attention To Details

When the children arrive at class, first tell them that you're glad they came. Then look for something new about them such as a new haircut, clothes, jewelry, or glasses. Comment on how nice they look with it. (Don't lie, though. You may have to settle for , "I see you got a new haircut.")

Noticing little details about someone's appearance tells them that they are important to you and can often tell you something new about them. It's a good exercise in observation for you, the teacher, that can also help make you more alert to other, more significant changes such as changes in their countenance and attitudes, and will help build that rapport with each child.

"Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of other." Phil 2:4

Billy Watkins - Minister/Elder

4-28-19 - Bible Study

4-28-19 - Sunday Morning Worship

5-1-19 - Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Answering Atheism: 6. A Loving God and an Eternal Hell - World Video Bible School

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