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10-28-2018 - From the Valley

The political/cultural divide in this nation is bad. The far right hates the far left, and the far left hates the far right. SO, what can be done to bridge this gap. The answer is as simple as Jesus. He can bridge all kinds of gaps.

How do I know? Because Jesus bridged the great political divide of His day. In Lk. 6:15, we read of two of Jesus's disciples, Matthew and Simon the Zealot. Before becoming a disciple, Matthew worked collecting taxes for the Romans. We know from history, the Zealots hated anything Roman. Yet, these two politically divided individuals became one in Jesus.

If it worked back then, it can work today. So, instead of shouting political whatever, Christians need to be teaching people about Jesus. People of all backgrounds can become brothers and sisters in Jesus. It really works.

Billy Watkins - Minister/Elder

Bible Study 10-28-18

Worship Service 10-28-18

Wednesday Evening Bible Study 10-31-18

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