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10-14-2018 - From the Valley

Jesus used an interesting change of expression regarding the temple. In Mt. 21:13, Jesus still calls the temple "My house." But in Mt. 23:38, Jesus calls the temple "your house." He continues to describe what will happen to Herod's building. in about 40 years, the temple will be completely destroyed.

Why the change of terms? Because, for the most part, the Jews lost sight of the true meaning of the temple. Beginning with the priests, during the period between the testaments the temple and the priesthood became more political than spiritual. As a result, much of what took place in the temple became meaningless ritual rater than true worship. All the profit making that Jesus interrupted was only an example. Because of the loss of meaning, God was about to allow the building to be destroyed again.

Can this happen in the church? Yes, people can lose sight of why they assemble, and miss the real point of gathering to worship God. May we never let this happen to us.

Billy Watkins - Minister/Elder

Bible Study 10-14-18

Worship Service 10-14-18

Wednesday Evening Bible Study 10-17-18

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