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10-13-2019 - From the Valley

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Psalms 119 is a tribute to God's word. Several themes were through the chapter. One of those is "According to You word." In other words, God acts in accordance to what He has revealed in His word. So what does the writer say?

1. Revives, makes alive again (vs. 5, 107, 154)

2. Strengthens, or builds up (v. 28)

3. Is merciful, He has revealed standards (v. 58)

4. General dealings (v.65)

5. Comforts (v. 26)

6. Upholds (v. 116)

7. Gives understanding (v. 169)

8. Delivers (v. 170)

So, it is true. God's word is very useful for our lives, and God conducts Himself according to His word.

Billy Watkins, Minister/Elder

10-13-19 - Bible Study

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