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Television Schedule


    In Search of the Lord's Way - 7:00 am 

    Think About It - 7:30 am 

    Digger Doug - 8:00 am 

    Sunday Morning Bible Study - 11:00 am 

    Sunday Morning Worship - 12:00 pm



   Bible Study - 8:00 pm


* All Times Central

* Blue Bridge Media Ch. 19


Apologetics Press and Focus Press videos play all day on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.



*All Times Central

*Scheduled services may not start on time depending on the length of service.


* Sunday Evening's are only available upon request.


*All services will play throughout the week on a rotation at random times.


*We do not film the congregation, communion, nor those coming forward.  Please feel free to participate in our services without fear of being filmed. 



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